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Kyler Helquist is a 19 yr old country singer.  He visited Outlaw Music to check us out.  He recorded a quick sound demo and he will be back shortly to spend a couple of weeks recording his debut album with original songs.

Folk and Country singer Merielle is recording her new CD here at Outlaw Music.  
The first 6 tracks are down and we are putting the finishing touches on.  The finished album will be available via the popular streaming  services, for direct download from Outlaw Music, as CD and possibly also as a vinyl.



Well know voice artist Samantha Cooper visited Outlaw Music to record some new projects.
Samantha selected Outlaw Music as she was looking for specific high end microphones that we have in our studio to support her work.
You can e-mail Samantha at or visit her website at

Sam Cooper.jpg

Bubba is recording his new single "Wild Bronco".

Trust us - it will be a hit.

Bubba will also be releasing a video to go along with this track and the follow up with a complete new album.

STAY TUNED for more info and some samples.


We are recording a new CD with Shagalu who will be signing with Outlaw Music to publish their music.  Check back for photos, video of the sessions and for some samples of their new CD.

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