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It is our mission to help qualified emerging artists to work in a studio and produce their work.

New artists - contact us and we may produce and publish your next songs and CD at no cost to you and help start your music career.

Contact us for more details

We know how hard it is to get started.  We reserve  at least 25% of our studio time to assist new artists to get started in the business.  We know that it can be hard to produce professional sounding demos and CDs when you are a new artist which can cost many thousand $.

Give s a call and let us listen to your work and we may be able to help by providing free studio time, free producer services, mixing and mastering.  We will register your songs and make sure that you will receive royalties and we also work with radio stations and other music professionals where we can get your music played to a larger national audience.

Our goal is to produce high quality music and discover new talent and help musicians to get started.

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