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Outlaw Music Studio is a professional studio located near Moab, UT in a remote unique scenic setting that offers quality recordings and many recreational opportunities so you can focus on your music and your creativity.

Recording Drums
STUDIO TIME: Call or Email for a Quote

Our studio offers 2 sound booths  (10' x 8') and a large main recording area (28' x 24') suited for a single artist, a full group and a small orchestra

Console Closeup
MIXING: $50/hr or $75/song

We mix songs recorded here and you can also send us your songs.  We will carefully mix the songs to match your artistic vision while we enhance the sound of your music and your mix to professional standards.

Full resolution .wav files and session files

Mastering Tape
MASTERING: $50/hr or $75/song 

We will provide you fully mastered songs for multiple playback media a and streaming services so that your music always sounds the best on any platform or device.

We provide wav, mp3 files and separate masters compliant with iTunes and Spotify

Mic Pre-amps
MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call or Email for a Quote

We can take your concept and take it from concept/demo to a fully finished product.  We have musicians and instruments available that can add to your songs for a professional result that stands out.

We produce select artists at no charge in exchange for a percentage of royalties.

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